Inside the walls of a closed businees. Waiting for this to end so I can begin: second lock down

Feb 18th, 2021
The pandemic brought me to my knees, so I lit a candle in the store to see a flicker of movement, I added plants to see life, I blasted the music to boost my moral, and I danced away to keep my heart from breaking. Being called non-essential while the big boxes and the online giants profited from our long lock down was at best, unfair, and the devastating effects of their rocket soaring increases have yet to be seen on small businesses. I hope to see more education from our local, provincial and federal government and their agencies to educate everyone on the importance of supporting local now more than ever... with some kind of incentive even. I wish all of my fellow, small, local business owners a great recovery. We are all in this together.
Joline Rivard Owner of Once Is Not Enough Boutique
Please check out my friend's important photo essay of the lock down called:
"Support our comm-UNITY through Covid-19: series by: Justina Phippen Photography" posted February 18th, 2021
photo creds to her for this collage of me in my empty store.