In a thrift store, be open to trying on different sizes below AND over your own...

June 20th, 2020

Sooo, I feel like I should be putting fall coats in my windows this morning. Brrrr!!

I’m actually wearing a warm sweater dress today... I got it here... of course... it’s a George... and a size medium... I always tell new thrifters that the size on the tag means nothing: every brand name is cut differently and therefore sizes will fit differently! I have walked out of my store with an XS top and a 5X all the while being an extra-large woman. WHY do I try all sizes? Well, I am not afraid to try on things, to wear clothes that hug my belly even and neither should you. You really owe it to yourself to check at least one size up and one size down from your regular size when thrifting. I usually fit large and extra large (I may not look it but I am, I swear my boobs camouflage and shift everyone's eye away from my belly lol)... it’s a little tight, but I love it! I know... I know... it’s hard to look at sizes above what “you have always been” but it is JUST a number after all! Right? #nomakeup #greyhair #nofilter #wygiwys #itsagooddaytohaveagoodday