Guide to shopping at OINEB!

May 17th, 2020
Time and time again, women who come in for some retail therapy and a good old chat with Joline and THIS is what I have observed over the years: women who have a positive outlook on life always seem to walk away with a bag full of clothes and those who walk in with a cloud over their heads convinced they won’t find anything are always right.
Permit me to give you some words of caution when shopping for fashion...
1-Be careful who you shop with, bring someone who is body positive. Mom's and sisters can be critical. Even asking a prefect stranger always gets you the best advice.
2-For those of you lucky enough to have a lunch break, hydrate and eat a little something. No point shopping while « hangry » lol Make sure you have time to browse because the store is filled with over 12000 different items!!!Lunch hour breaks is the reason my "just in/new-to-you" section exists. You can feel confident that you are caught up with the new arrivals if you check this section out weekly.
3-If you need a hug or a high five to up your energy,  just ask, they are free of charge 😇
4-If you are down on your luck and need a new-to-you outfit for a job interview or something flattering that actually fits your ever changing body, please message me prior to coming in and we will find you an outfit or two... and make you feel good on the inside as well as the outside! Ok?
5-Work with what your Momma gave you!  Instead of hiding what you hate about yourself, accentuate what you love. and wear white after labor day! Wear the horizontal stripes.Wear the shorts, the sleeveless top and the yellow polka dot bikini!
My shop is a BODY POSITIVE place! Please respect my rule and yourself! You are beautiful just the way you are.