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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to Once Is Not Enough Boutique, a consignment store located in downtown New Liskeard! My "Good Stuff" section is filled with fabulous high end brands ( $24.99 and up). This category is the main reason I created my website. However, for the bargain thrifter, I also have a lot of inexpensive finds within the store. You can use the search button (the magnifying glass) to search by brand, size and even color or go under "All Products" to see everything on one page. Enjoy!

Although we carry menswear and kids clothes, they will not be featured here. Please visit us in-store for that.

Please send me any feedback or concerns privately via Facebook messenger.

ALL sales are final.

Joline Rivard, Top Drawer and Proud Owner Since 2012


This store is a must!! I'm always finding quality, one of a kind items!!! Joline and her staff have always been welcoming and have created such a positive place for women to shop!

If you see what you love, buy it right away!!

Jamie Shaw

This gem of a local store is always full of treasures. Joline is innovative and resourceful in keeping her boutique fresh and she is so creative at finding ways to promote her store during these difficult times. Joline's awareness and contributions to community needs is commendable. You only need to drop in Once, to realize It's Not Enough; you will want to go back for more!

Julie Buffam

Whether it's casual, comfy, costume or formal, Joline and her friendly staff at Once Is Not Enough have you covered. An amazing little boutique known to slow down traffic as drivers stop to get a closer look at what Joline has in her windows!

Lisa Major

Truly the best place to shop! The moment you walk into the store, you feel like you are in your sister's closet.

Joline and her staff always go out of their way to assist you with finding the perfect outfit, either in store or online.

Truly recommend this store to everyone!

Jennifer Johnston

This store is simply AMAZING! The store owner is very helpful and gives exceptional service. She goes above and beyond for anyone that comes into her store. She takes second hand clothes to a whole other level. My favorite place to go.

Karine Guillemette

A great place to find hidden gems! The staff is always there to help! It's always a fun shopping experience at Once Is Not Enough!

Delphine Churman

So many lovely ladies...

Who needs models when your customers are THIS beautiful?

Body positivity and feeling good about what you buy at my store is of upmost importance to me! My fashionista's now send me their wonderful selfies and photos ALL the time: and I love it!! Keep them coming!

Imagination station

I have THE MOST amazingly creative clients EVER!

We are your go-to store for all of your dress-up needs. If you can imagine it, are creative and open: we can most likely help you out!

the "women helping women account"

Since the beginning, with your amazing donations, we have paid for over $11 000 in clothes and gift cards to help women in need in OUR community! Thank you!!

Written July 19th, 2014

I think we all need a little good news once in a while! So here's some good news from OINEB (Once Is Not Enough Boutique) Please tell your friends!

At one point, I only took in clothes on consignment contract and I refused clothes donations because I felt bad that the person donating them would not get their cut... Until one day, a woman, who was quite adamant about giving me her awesome clothes and she said "Joline, I just want to help you, please take it!" I was so touched that someone would want to help ME! Especially since her clothes were fantastic and I knew they would sell quickly...

So I created a Jane Doe account with it, not knowing what I would do with the money. I kept thinking to myself "HOW can I help someone else with this"? Then I had THE idea: I would pay it forward! I stopped refusing donations and added it to this Jane Doe account! Turns out, it's a VERY SPECIAL account! Here's what I do with it.

Once in a while, a woman walks in who has not worked in a while (for whatever reason: maternity leave, injury, stay at home mom, just moved to town). Picture this: these women come in happy yet nervous because they got a call for the dreaded interview for a job they want/need but they don't have anything to wear or worse nothing that fits anymore. Then they're stuck between a rock and a hard place: they need new clothes for their interview BUT they need the job to be able to buy new clothes. What's a girl to do? You come and see Joline of course!!! (obviously the universe was wise enough to send these women my way in the first place!!!) Time and time again, I would watch them try things on and put things back, all the while looking defeated. Then, I would talk to them (stalling them from leaving) go around and get the outfit that fit them the best and ask them to come to the cash register, bag it up and offer it to them: at no charge... The feeling I get from the shock on their faces when I tell them "a group of us are helping you today, we want you to have a great interview while putting your best foot forward. All I ask is that someday, when you can do so, pay it forward and help another woman in need!" This is usually followed by tears and hugs but mostly a big huge smile and a proud stance as they strut out of the store with confidence! AND they come back telling me they got the job! Woohoo! Mission accomplished!

The money that sits in that account is used for women, it doesn't matter if you've never set foot in my store. If you are down on your luck, I want to help alleviate that stress! I will set you up with a top, a pair of pants, a pair of shoes and even a necklace (every girl deserves a piece of jewelry): paid for by my VERY SPECIAL account created with people's generous donations!!!

Today, I'm putting it out there, if you need help, please private message me and let's make a date to create that special outfit! This is my way of giving back to our beloved community and to the hard working women who make it what it is!!! I have spoken to local organizations and they to will help spread the news about my "Pay it forward: women helping women" account! There have been other times were I was able to help people as well! (update: in these challenging times, I won't be able to help everyone as the funds are limited but I will try my best to make this money stretch) .

Perhaps someday, the lady who started this all will let me post her name and she will get the accolades she deserves for starting this awesome chain reaction! And to all of you who have donated and keep donating your clothes: thank you! Your donation helps make a difference in a local woman's life as well as my own and my kids!

Merci! Love and light people!


  • I stop traffic with my windows.

  • Thrifting

  • New-to-you fashion and accessories
  • Pre-loved

  • Gently worn, consigned fashion
  • Come on in...

  • we've got something for everyone
  • Well known, popular brands

  • at the fraction of the original retail price

I stop traffic with my windows.


New-to-you fashion and accessories


Gently worn, consigned fashion

Come on in...

we've got something for everyone

Well known, popular brands

at the fraction of the original retail price

About Us

Since 1995, Once Is Not Enough has been providing Temiskaming Shores and area’s most fashionable women with high-quality, contemporary, nearly-new apparel at great prices.

At Once Is Not Enough, we believe shopping for clothes should be as much fun as wearing them. We bring affordable, high quality clothing and accessories together in one location, offering a fun and ever-changing shopping experience for women of all ages.

With new items arriving daily, you can trust that we’ll have something perfect to enhance your closet. Contact us for details on how to consign your current items.

We look forward to seeing you in our New Liskeard store at 42 Armstrong St North, mobile: 705-647-3438

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Tuesday - Thursday: 10:00am- 5:00pm

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Once Is Not Enough Boutique

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